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Decorating Tips:
Small Fixes - Big Impact

Well, here are a few tips that will enable you to do some small fixes which can have a very positive impact on your rooms. I don't know about you, but when spring comes around I get motivated to fix things that are in disrepair. I don't much like repairs that are time consuming. I'd rather pay someone to handle them for me. But for those quick repairs, I'm reluctant to pay someone.

Dress Up Your Bed - Put a fitted sheet over your box spring, not just the mattress. It will give a more streamlined look than you get with a ruffle. Choose one that looks good with your sheets, duvet or coverlet, something with a similar pattern or use a contrasting hue.

Preventing Pictures From Tipping - Don't you just hate it when those family photos on the hall walls or stairwell get bumped and end up askew? Or how about the ones hanging on a wall near a door that tip sideways whenever someone opens and closes the door? You can get velcro tabs in 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch sizes that is self-adhesive. Peel away one side of the backing and stick one each to the lower corners of the frame. Then pull away the other backing, exposing the adhesive. Carefully re-hang the picture, making sure it is level. Then press the base of the picture firmly against the wall. Say goodbye to tilting pictures.

Dress Up Your Throw Pillows - Take those plain-Jane pillows and add some embellishments and turn them into one-of-a-kind designer pillows. Add pom-poms, buttons, feathers, jewels, beads and other trimmings such as lace, ribbons and the like. Use nylon thread for more durability. For that 3-dimensional look, pass the needle through the pillow and sew on an identical embellishment on the other side. When you pull the nylon thread taut, the two sides of the pillow will pull inward where the thread is inserted, giving that sculptured appearance.

Reface a Clock - Tired of the worn-out clock. Give it a face lift. Choose some wallpaper or other decorative surface that blends with your room's color palette and style. Unscrew the clock and carefully dismantle the mechanism, making sure to take notes so you know how to put it all back together again. Draw an outline of the face on the new paper, using the old face as your guide. Cut it out with scissors and paste the new paper to the old face. Reassemble everything.

Painting Furniture Without Sticking - Have you ever tried to paint a chair or small piece of furniture and the piece sticks to the surface you're trying to dry it on? Aggravating, huh? Let's say you want to paint a chair. Before you start, tap a nail into the bottom of each leg. This will elevate the chair and keep it away from the drying surface. It will dry faster because there will be better air circulation. Best of all, the chair won't stick to your drying surface.

Small fixes can really take your home to another level of decorating. As Donald Trump points out, "God is in the details!"

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