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interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement

Simple, Instant Decorating Tips

Sometimes it's not how much you do to improve a room, it's what you do. Some of the greatest impacts are sometimes achieved by the smallest of changes. To give you some ideas, here are a few tips that professionals use to achieve that "wow effect".

  • Look for old books or notebooks at used book stores that have drawings. Take them apart. Frame the drawings all the same and hang in a room together. Shown here are mini prints you can order at your local art gallery.
  • Some rooms are totally ruined because of awful lamp shades. Replace those old dusty silk shades with a brown paper shade or a black shade. If you choose an Empire style, you'll find its classical shape will go with just about anything.
  • Add personality to a room with wallpaper. Graphic wallpapers in small spaces, like powder rooms or closets, can have a huge impact for very little effort.
  • Try wallpaper on the ceiling.
  • Move furniture from room to room. A dresser from the bedroom might be perfect in the living room or vice versa. Add a coat of paint or new seat covering.
  • Use digital technology to create your own custom wall murals. Since they are so large, no other decorating is needed. They make powerful statements.
  • Edit the room and leave only the most spectacular accessories. Less can really be MORE.
  • Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Adds unity and drama all at the same time.

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