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New Ideas for Using Color in Your Home

Spring has sprung and perhaps you need a new, refreshing look in your home? This is an exciting time of year because fresh colors of the season are popping up everywhere - fashion - interiors - landscapes. So I thought I'd give you some home decorating tips that involve using color - new ideas or simply new approaches to old themes. Anyway I hope you'll find it helpful.

  • Try some porch and deck enamel on the floors in your children's rooms. If there are spills, they wipe up easily and come on colors that children love.
  • Use color all the way to the corners of the room. You'd be amazed at how it lifts and lightens your decorating scheme. Using color in the right way and the right amount makes a room feel light and happy. Deck enamel gives a sheen that is reflective. Light bounces off it.
  • Hook rugs, braided rugs and needlepoint can add color and pattern and shapes. You can even custom make them with your favourite themes.
  • For a really modern take on an old fashioned idea, use contemporary fabrics braided together. You can get interesting looks.
  • Cover your walls with fabric. You can use felt, velvet, linen, broadcloth - you name it.
  • The colors in fabrics are often more intense than paint. They age better too. Even if the fabric fades or gets dusty, the fabric often takes on an interesting patina.
  • Fabric feels homey. It's great on modern interiors.
  • For high contrasting home decorating tips, use plenty of white with your colors. Use white on the trim, floor, mantel, ceiling, accessories.
  • Try combinations of your paint brand's whitest white, a creamy white and a milk white.
  • To really make the accessories unique, take ordinary objects and turn them into crazy lamps. Use an old bucket, a teapot, a metal coffee grinder - anything that is hollow practically. You'll need to put a hole in the bottom, but they can really turn a room into a one-of-a-kind environment.
  • Here's another new idea from an old idea: bedeck your beds to the fullest. Look for unique ways to make your own headboard and foot board. If you have an old sofa you don't need, recover it and stick your bed inside it and you've got a really unique headboard.
  • While I always hate to cover over wood, because I love the texture and grain, but if it's just not working, it's just not working. So paint it.

The world is so full of drab, dreary day-to-day mundane activities. Often the weather alone is depressing. So add more color to your home and you'll be amazed at how much more cheerful everyone in your home becomes. Using color need not be complicated. I hope you like these home decorating tips.

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