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More Spring Decorating Tips

One of the most effective methods for decorating for spring is to add or change out your fabrics. Just the fact that the weather is warming up, may mean you should consider adding some sheer fabrics to a room or bring in more garden elements or pretty floral arrangements. Here are some more home decorating tips, or rather spring decorating tips, that will help you move forward.

  • For spring, lighten up the look of your rooms. Remove those velvet drapes. Cover over that corduroy sofa. Put airy sheers on the windows. Add a slipcover to the sofa and/or chairs with softer colors, or even a floral print that reflects spring flowers.
  • Now may be the time to take up those heavy area rugs that felt so good in winter but now just look heavy and oppressive. If you still need rugs, lay down some sisal or cotton rugs in light, cool colors. While you're enjoying these, get the winter rugs cleaned and repaired.
  • Rearrange your furniture. If it presently is squared off with the focal point, look for an angled arrangement instead. If you have a great view of your garden, change the focal point of the room from your fireplace to the bay window. A rearrangement of furniture is the key to doing this.
  • Add furniture to your porch or back yard. Gazebos are getting more decorative and less expensive all the time and can be purchased at discount stores for under $200. Gazebos are great for defining a seating arrangement outdoors or for protecting you from the sun as you enjoy a casual meal outdoors on your outdoor dining set.
  • Box up your dusty, darker floral arrangements and store them in the garage or basement. Now bring in fresh green plants, flower pots, an oriental-looking orchid. You'd be amazed at the instant change and how these spring decorating tips can instantly change your home and move it away from the wintry look.
  • Rearrange your accessories. Take down some of the artwork and put up new images. Dust the shelves. Put up fewer accessories for a lighter, airy look. Lighten the frames. Display your floral china or white dishes, pitchers, glass.
  • Bring out (or purchase) sheer curtains, sheer tablecloths, sheer bed skirts. Lighten up the throw pillows. Recover them or just put new zippered covers on them.
  • De-clutter your rooms. Buy decorative baskets to store items that are an eye sore. Look for ways to add enclosed storage in your rooms.
  • Clean out the fireplace. Add new fresh birch logs or decorate with white or off-white candles of different sizes and shapes. Choose scented candles for the fragrance. Make or buy a decorative folding screen that has spring flowers or a light, airy color.
  • Sweep and tidy up your exterior front door. Replace if necessary. Paint it an inviting color. Wash the door and windows. Hang an artificial silk flower wreath on the door. Place colorful potted plants on the porch leading the eye to the front door.

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