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Ideas for Hanging Artwork

There is nothing that expresses your personality quite as nicely as artwork, yet most people have little art, if any. And the art they do have tends to be very small. So here are some suggestions for how you can use art around your home to add more personality.

  • Look for unconventional places to hang art - somewhere out of the ordinary.
  • Place framed art in you bathroom, but be careful of the moisture.
  • Look up. What do you see? More walls? Go up.
  • Look at the space above the windows and doors. Choose pieces that fit, without being overdone or undersized.
  • How about the top of an armoire?
  • Hang something on a closet door or kitchen cabinet.
  • How about a weather resistant canvas painting on the front door - outside that is?
  • Or how about art above the seating arrangement in the backyard.
  • Be sure to arrange multiple pieces in an eye appealing manner.
  • Mix up your arrangements, combining symmetrical and asymmetrical in the same room.
  • You can even mix symmetrical and asymmetrical in the same arrangement, but it can be tricky.

If you need specific help in the area of arranging groupings, check out our tutorial in the dropdown menu under "Homeowners Training" above.

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