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How to Buy Sheets

Have you heard that to get the most luxurious, soft sheets in the world you should buy the higher (more costly) thread counts? That is what the bedding industry wants you to believe, but it actually is only half the story. You never hear it mentioned, however, that the quality of the cotton and the finishing process all play a part in the process of considering top-quality linens. But they do play a part.

If you get sheets made of fine cotton like Egyptian (or Pima - the American spinoff), they are usually of the higher thread count. But if the sheets are a cotton blend, the higher thread count won't be as soft. Here are some tips for evaluating the sheets so you can learn how to buy sheets that have the quality you seek.

  • 500 thread count is generally the limit for fine cotton sheets unless it has been blended with other types of yarn.
  • Some manufacturers may even state "Egyptian cotton" on the packaging, but may only include 1% in the product. Buyer beware.
  • Watch for the weave as well.
  • Sateen is a weave that results in a smooth, lustrous finish.
  • Percale, often used by hotels, gives a more crisp appearance.
  • Natural fibers are usually the most comfortable.
  • Since you sleep on the sheets, buy the best quality you can afford. All else in your bedroom is just for "show".
  • Current trendy colors include chocolate brown, slate blue, avocado and grassy green.
  • Consider embroidered embellishments.
  • Headboards make a major statement on a bed, and in the bedroom itself.
  • Choose a headboard that is suitable for the style of the bedroom: rough finished wood for French Country; antique or iron for eclectic, country; dark finishes for contemporary bedrooms, and padded fabric headboards for you modernists.
  • Choose a coordinating quilt to layer over your sheets.
  • Add a color coordinated duvet, folded, at the bottom of the bed. It's great to pull over you for a nap and it adds texture to the look of the bed.
  • Add carefully chosen throw pillows, but don't let the bed get cluttered looking.

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