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How to Buy Accessories

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your personality and that of your family is primarily expressed through your choice of accessories. So this is why your home accessories are some of the most important choices you will make when it comes to decorating your home. While other elements in the room are important, the attention of a visitor first goes to your accessories, and then to the rest of the room. The accessory is also one of the easiest and most affordable element in the room, so it can be easily changed whenever you want a different look in a hurry.

So here are some tips on how to buy accessories for your home. This training is needed because accessories are a common problem. Many people don't have enough to complete a room design or what they have is all too small, making the room feel overly cluttered.

    Cocktail Tables
  • Your cocktail (coffee) table should never be bare. Even if it's just a floral arrangement in the center, it will give this table a sense of importance and belonging. The cocktail table is more than just utilitarian.
  • Add a sculpture to the table and you will usually find it becomes a conversation topic.
  • Add some candleholders with decorative candles and you'll add an element of romance and warmth to the room and keep it from becoming boring and expected.
  • Decorative magazines or hard bound books are also excellent choices. They can also be used on end tables effectively.
    Accessories for Shelves
  • Show off your hobbies and collections on shelves. This will express your family's lifestyle.
  • Intersperse items that are meaningful to you with plants, books, pottery.
  • Add sculptures that reflect your interests in athletics, art or other interests. Don't overdo a collection but make it large enough so that it definitely depicts you are collecting.
  • Remove the dust jackets from hard cover books and display, keeping like colors together for unity.
  • Add plants as filler and for color and a luscious look.
    Accessories for Walls
  • Decorative art should blend with the colors in the room. However, true fine art need not match anything. True fine art expresses something all it's own and has a right to be arrogant and sort of "out of place" color-wise.
  • Hang art at eye level. Good rule of thumb: hang the lowest part of the picture about 6 inches from the top of your furniture, whatever it may be.
  • Lay elements of a wall grouping out on the floor first before hanging. Frames do not need to match but should be similar in coloring and type: all wood, all metal.
  • Don't include an odd ball in a grouping. It will stand out too much and ruin the whole effect.
    Family Photographs
  • Don't go overboard with family photographs. Make sure they are excellent quality and close in coloring. Display a few together. Don't get carried away. Not everyone is going to oooh and aaah over your family photos.
  • Arrange the photos in groupings. Unite them with color.
  • Sprinkle a few additional photos around the room, like on the mantel, a sofa table, a piano, bedroom dressers.
  • Hallway walls are also excellent places for photo groupings.
    Removal of Messy Items
  • The family room tends to be more messy than any other room, filled with newspapers, remotes, magazines, TV guides, glasses. Keep the other accessories to a minimum so the room doesn't drive you nuts with chaotic placement of anything and everything.
    Adding Life and Bringing the Outdoors In
  • Add trees and plants and flowers.
  • A tree in a corner is fabulous.
  • Put plants on soffits.
  • Put flowers, the perfect accessory, on the dining room table - actually any table.
  • Bring in flowers from your garden.
  • Be sure to water and remove any dead foliage weekly.

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