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New! Pre-fabricated Hanging Glass Shelves

Want to hang some glass shelves in a corner? Have trouble hanging glass shelves? A new prefabricated glass shelf ideas, using the tongue and groove method, requires no hardware. Now you can create a lovely "floating glass" effect in your home with a new kind of glass shelf.

The glass is precut with "tongues" on two sides of the glass. All you do it match up the tongues to the wall, level the glass, and cut grooves in the wall to match where the tongues are located. Then insert the glass into the grooves, and you have a glass shelf that appears to just float in the air. The glass is tempered and comes in idfferent shapes and sizes which will be sent out the next day following an order.

Made by Bluegate, Inc. of North Miami, Florida, you can get the shelves at www.GlassCornerShelves.Com or call them direct at (800) 679-4902. Now you'll have an easy way and never wonder again how to hang glass shelves in the corner.

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