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Displaying Collectibles is an Art

If you have collectibles, or even if they are not valuable and you just have a collection of anything, group them together and display them. You can create very interesting nooks in your home that uniquely express your personality.

  • DISPLAYING YOUR PORCELAIN - Move away from putting up the traditional mirror or framed art over the mantle. Instead, why not display some of your pottery and china? Put taller items at the back and up the wall. Then overlap carefully in the front. Be careful not to overdo it. This is one of the most common mistakes made by homeowners.
  • DISPLAYING A COLLECTION OF ART IMAGES - That space above the window or patio door, you know the one, the one that doesn't give you much space but seems to need something - well how about taking a collection of art images and frame them all alike. Then place them side by side, going up a wall or going across above the window. It's important to establish a strong relationship between elements so that you keep a unified look. Otherwise it can easily become too much and just feel cluttered.
  • SEA SHELLS ADD A LIGHT ELEMENT - Love to walk on the beach and collect shells? When don't just bring them home in a sack and do nothing with them. Take the opportunity to display them. Here an assortment of shells are displayed together on a plate. It's better to give the appearance of an organized display by arranging them on a plate. Don't just sit them on the table randomly. It's a good way to get them broken and it can look messy. You can even create groupings of collector books, candles, spoons, hats, old chairs, thimbles, dresses, shoes, plaques, toys, jewelry and on and on it goes. Use what you already have, decorating in pairs, or team up a number of similar items together. Look for items that are the same size, shape or color. To add interest, choose items of varying heights.
  • BOOK ON WALL GROUPING DESIGN - I do have an easy, breezy book that teaches wall grouping design you might check out. It's called Where There's a Wall - There's a Way. With it you'll get a whole bunch of arrangement ideas, from the traditional to the contemporary. Display your special collections requires thought, design, planning, balance and unity to be successful. Pick up your copy and create some instant interest in your home utilizing treasures you already own.

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