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Decorating with Area Rugs: Quick Solutions for Christmas

What to dramatically change the look of a room in time for Christmas - maybe even make it an early gift to yourself? Well, what could be more dramatic than a new area rug, especially if it is colorful and bold? Consider these tips when looking for area rugs:

  • Use nature as an influence: like flowers, plants, trees, clouds, the sky.
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere and it might be sheer color that grabs your attention.
  • Look at area rugs as potential canvasses. Don't think of them merely as repeating designs or patterns.
  • Since an area rug doesn't cover the entire floor, you can get more bold, even wild.
  • Since they are foundational pieces they tend to unify the room, so make sure the colors blend in the room. They will make a strong statement, so choose carefully, especially if you are having one custom made.
  • The size of the room should influence the size and scale of the rug.
  • Large patterns will make a room feel contemporary.
  • If the pattern is too small, it can become uninteresting.
  • Be as selective in choosing an area rug as you would be if choosing a work of art for the wall.
  • Rugs are so powerful, you can literally build the entire color palette and theme around the rug.
  • Pick the background color of the rug for your walls.
  • Choose one of the medium value colors for upholstered furniture.
  • Choose one or two of the brightest colors in the rug for accessories.

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