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Decorating Your Hobby Areas

I don't know about you, but when things get cluttered and messy, I just can't think. And hobby areas or rooms tend to get the most cluttered and messy of all. I have tons of ribbon, most of it from my former days of doing plenty of country crafts. Now my ribbon is used mostly for decorating gifts.

Whether you have a little or a lot, use those colorful ribbon spools as if they were accessories and set them out in an organized, colorful fashion. Now your first consideration should be organization. Keep the room or area functional. You'll find you'll have more beautify, pleasure and grace in your life.

Here are three major principles you can use to make your hobby area beautiful and functional too.

  • Establish a color scheme for each room.
  • Use some of the new crown molding to finish off the room (see link below)
  • Color is easy, quick and inexpensive to change
  • Make sure all your favourite colors are brought into the room
  • Look for colors that refresh you and make you happy
  • Use repetition to create rhythm in the room
  • Be consistent with your point of view
  • For even more harmony, repeat shapes (matching chairs, for instance)
  • Add flowers in a vase that repeat the colors in the room or the colors in the ribbon
  • Group like kinds together
  • Be sure to let your decorating reveal the real you
  • Use common sense in your placement
  • Create a comfortable work space
  • Display your pretty wrapping paper in a barrel or large silver trash can (minus lid)

Stack the largest spools of ribbon on the bottom, or stack them by color so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

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