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Easy Crown Molding - Perfect for Home Staging

Crown molding is the perfect way to beautify your home and even bring unity from one room to another. It is one of the finishing touches that really sets a room apart. Up until now you'd have to purchase the material, miter it and install it, which can be a very lengthy, laborious project. Or you could spend the money and hire someone to do it for you - very expensive.

But now you can get "peel and stick" molding that requires no tools - you don't even need a measuring tape. Unbelievable?

Here's the idea: Each kit will contain 16 pre-mitered pieces with self-adhesive backs. Because the pieces are pre-mitered, your corners are always going to be perfect. You simply overlap the sections and adjust them to the length you want. Or you can actually trim pieces with just a pair of scissors. That's why you don't need a measuring tape.

Leave the molding white or paint it to match your room's decor. And get this, most rooms can be done for less than $50. Each kit you order comes with 16 pre-mitered sections and 4 outside corners, and you should be able to do a 17x17 room in about an hour.

So if you can't afford the real thing, then this is an affordable option anyone can do to add that little extra decorating touch. And you can do it all yourself!

To get more information or place an order, visit or call them at (888) 392-7335.


  1. Can I use Easy Crown Molding on textured ceilings? No it is not recommended for textured ceilings.
  2. What size room will one Easy Crown Molding kit decorate? One kit will decorate a 17’x17’ foot room.
  3. Is Easy Crown Molding paintable? Yes it is paintable. For best results you will want to first prime the molding, and then you can paint it with water based paint?
  4. How do I cut Easy Crown Molding? Easy Crown Molding can be cut with household scissors.
  5. What type of adhesive dose Easy Crown Molding use? Easy Crown Molding uses quality 3M adhesive.
  6. What is your their return policy? 30 Days less shipping and handling.

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