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Color Trends for Home Interiors

This issue is all about color. Color choices are one of the most confusing, yet fascinating, subjects in interior design. Many people are afraid of color, but it's time to break away from your fears and get a little bold. Never forget that color can always be changed. Even a little bit of color can make a huge impact. So look for the colors that make you feel good, and focus on what you love, not what is trendy.

To start off, here are some terms you should become familiar with:

  • Analogous Colors - Adjacent colors on the color wheel
  • Chroma - The brightness or dullness of a color
  • Complementary Colors - A complementary color is opposite it's counterpart on the color wheel. When used together, they appear brighter.
  • Neutrals - Black, white, off white, gray. There are cool neutrals and there are warm neutrals. Mix cool with cool; mix warm with warm.
  • Primary Colors - Pure colors that create all other colors when mixed in combinations
  • Triad - The combination of any 3 colors equally spaced on the color wheel. Let one dominate.
  • Secondary Colors - Created when equal part of two primary colors are combined.
  • Shade - The color formed whenever you add black. It's always a darker version of the pure or original color.
  • Split Complementary - The combination of one color with the two hues on either side of that color's complementary color.
  • Tertiary Colors - The color formed when combining equal parts of a primary color and a secondary color.
  • Tint - Any color formed when adding white to it. The new color is always lighter than the original color.
  • Tone - The intensity of any color, for instance, how light or dark it is.

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On a Personal Note

Thanks to all of you who wrote me about my mother. She is improving in small increments, hoping to soon be able to get out of bed and into a wheel chair. She has endured many complications, and currently seems to be allergic to some of the medication, so your prayers on her behalf are still vitally need.

Warm regards,
Barbara Jennings, Author/Consultant/Trainer

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