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Color for Sunny Rooms:
Sun Room Decorating Tips

Sunny rooms need to be approached differently from dark rooms that get little to no natural light. So they beg questions like, "Should you go bright and match the sunny atmosphere?" or "Should you soften and cool it down and subdue the room?" Here are some tips to help you decide.

  • Just as you put sun glasses on when you go out on a bright sunny day, you want to tamp down the glare in a sunny room. Notice how subdued the walls, floor and ceiling are in this room. Keep cool, then punch it up with furnishings and accessories.
  • Don't paint a sunny room yellow unless it is really, really pale and muted. You don't want to feel like you're living on the surface of the sun.
  • Don't put in colors that make you want to turn the air conditioning on.
  • A silvery blue-gray is soothing and absorbs light.
  • Shocking pink is too shockingly pink. Duh. But orange. Now that color can make you think of orange sherbet.
  • A muted, green, almost like haze is great. You see green but the room doesn't reek of it. The sun will make it look warmer and fresher.
  • Turquoise will lift the spirits but not overwhelm, because its still blue. Think Mediterranean, like an idle vacation on a Greek island.
  • Pear green or a light apple is uplifting in the morning but doesn't become electric in the hotter afternoons.
  • A dark brown is always warm yet subtle. Never gloomy.
  • Creamy yellow will lift the room on an overcast day and in bright sunshine it still looks creamy and soft.
  • Dark, smoky brown will make you think of cigars and old sepia photographs. Good if you want that library, den look.

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