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Christmas Decorating Outside to Inside

Even if your home is small or your finances are tight, there is a way to decorate by bringing the outside inside.

  • If you can't afford a full sized tree, or you just don't have the room, buy a small container tree and place it on a table in an important part of the room. Trees don't have to be large to be effective.
  • A potted plant on top of a pillar, post or other architectural element in the room is a nice touch.
  • Miniature evergreens in pots are a welcome holiday decorating touch. They can't be inside all year, but they should survive the holiday season. Most won't survive more than 4 weeks indoors.
  • For a great effect, put several in a grouping together. Vary the heights. Vary the containers.
  • They don't require constant pruning like a bonsai in order to keep them small.
  • Miniatures tend to grow less than 1" per year; dwarf cultivars grow 1-6" per year.
  • These are great for the outdoor garden as well, particularly for apartment, condo, townhome dwellers with smaller yards.
  • They are also perfect for rock gardens, electric train gardens, patios and along narrow walkways.
  • Remember that anything placed in a container needs more maintenance than a plant in the ground.
  • Try to place container plants in a cool garden room or on a porch, rather than on the mantel.
  • Check them often for moisture.
  • They love to be misted.
  • Don't fertilize them.
  • Final cost should be comparable to a bouquet of fresh flowers - but these will last longer.

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