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Christmas Decorating Business

If you have kids, it's always nice to let them help decorate the Christmas tree. As they grow older, however, don't you find you wind up doing all of the decorating by yourself? Well, if you're like me, somewhere along the path from breaking out the decorations from the stored boxes to packing them back up again, you've probably thought about what it would be like to decorate for other people. Did you know that offering a Christmas decorating business service is a viable business and that you could pick up some extra income during the holidays that way?

  • Many people just don't have time to decorate for the holidays.
  • Even if they had time, many people just don't have the knack and would rather hire someone like you to do it for them.
  • Being good with color and placement is an essential part of a good holiday decorating business service.
  • Some decorators will go shop for the decorations and others will just use what the client already has.
  • You can even get involved in wrapping the presents, or at least dressing them up for your client.
  • While it is just a seasonal business, it's a fun and creative business to start.
  • Your expenses are quite low and there is hardly any risk.
  • Training requirements are also quite minimal.
  • Our Decor Secrets Revealed ebook will get you going in the right direction when it comes to arranging furniture and accessories.
  • Our Rearrange It! ebook (or printed book) will teach you the basics of starting your own redesign business, and you can incorporate your Christmas decorating business service right along side a year-round redesign service.

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