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I Know You by Heart - Video

TURN ON YOUR SOUND. CLICK ARROW ONCE OR TWICE TO START.Vocals by e# and accompaniment by Lonnie Marshall of Weapon of Choice. Lyrics by Eva Cassidy.



If you have ever suffered the loss of a beloved pet, I hope you'll find comfort in this short video. On December 6, 2006, I lost the dearest cat I have ever owned, killed by a passing vehicle. His name was Hank. Not the prettiest feline on the block, but the sweetest, most cherished personality I have ever know. It broke my heart to the core.

I've lost other pets before, but this one was felt deeper than all of the others put together. Healing has been difficult, but out of this tragedy I've tried to bring some good. If this video ministers to you, please write me and let me know. Feel free to share it with anyone else you know who would be blessed by it. I have since then adopted two kittens who were orphans, and love them to pieces. But no other pet will ever be able to replace Hank in my heart.

Please send your comments to: My Comments.


"I watched it 3 times, first without the sound, then twice with sound, made me cry both times because of the words and wistful way they were sung." - Karen Lockwood

"I know exactly how you feel. I had a cat for 8 years and when she died, I really cried. Your tribute to Hank is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I forwarded it on to my sister who has 2 cats." - M Lipscomb

"How sad to lose your dear feline friend. It is neat, tho', that you have the video for memories. It is very well done." - Dee Bloodgood

"My condolences for the loss of your beloved cat "Hank". I lost my cat "Dinkers" over a year ago and still miss him.....he was a special character. Your video 'Tribute to Hank' will be a treasured reminder of his importance in your life. I'm not sure whether other's can relate to the depth of your grief, but as a personal momento I think it's a great idea. Sandy"

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